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Educational Session

Number Title Authors
L-001 Hunting for SNR - from Birdcage coils to cryogenically cooled coils for small animal MRI S. Junge
L-002 Optimal control of spin systems with applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging D. Sugny
L-003 Introduction to Diffusion MRI M. Menzel
L-004 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Materials B. Balcom
L-005 Compact NMR B. Blümich

Opening Lecture

Number Title Authors
L-006 The Existential Joy of Nuclear Spin J. Reimer

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

Number Title Authors
L-007 Magnetic Resonance Histology G.A. Johnson
L-008 High resolution fMRI: a technique to investigate single cell behavior L. Ciobanu
L-009 Two dimensional spatially resolved T2 map implemented on compact Halbach magnet Y. Zhang, L. Xiao, B. Blümich, X. Li
L-010 In vivo 2D L-COSY MR spectroscopy at ultra-high field to probe membrane degradation during Alzheimer's disease A. Alia, N. Braakman

Exotic and Emerging Magnetic Resonance

Number Title Authors
L-011 MRI meets MPI: Towards Bimodal Scanners V.C. Behr
L-012 Pre-clinical Magic Angle Field Spinning MRI magnet for localized NMR spectroscopy D. Sakellariou
L-013 Molecular-mechanical link in a shear-induced self-assembly of a functionalised biopolymeric fluid G. Pavlovskaya, T. Meersmann
L-014 Mapping B1-induced Eddy Current Effects Near Metallic Structures in MR Images: A Comparison of Simulation and Experiment S. Vashaee, F. Goora, M. Britton, B. Newling, B. Balcom
L-015 3D Motion of Magnetic Particles in Rotational Drift Spectroscopy A. Vilter, M. Rückert, V.J.F. Sturm, T. Kampf, V.C. Behr

Magnetic Resonance Hardware

Number Title Authors
L-001 New directions for brain MRI hardware and acquisition L. Wald
L-001 Unusual NMR experiments using home-made and open-resource systems K. Takeda
L-001 µTWMPI - A setup for sub-millimeter resolution P. Vogel, A. Vilter, M. Rückert, P. Klauer, V.C. Behr
L-001 An NMR Spectrometer based on a Silicon Chip Y.-Q. Song, J. Paulsen, S. Hong, Y.R. Tang, D. Ha, D. Ham, N. Sun

Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media I

Number Title Authors
L-016 NMR outside the magnet - Quantitative evaluation of porous media and NMR well logging M. Hürlimann
L-017 Pore scale analysis of NMR diffusion-relaxation responses of sandstones saturated by complex fluids C. Arns, I. Shikhov, M.N. d`Eurydice, N.I. Sayedakram
L-018 Measurement of 3D velocity and transport of nanoparticle in rock core by High - Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging M.N. Shukla, A. Vallatos, W.M. Holmes, V.R. Phoenix
L-019 Two-dimensional NMR Eigenmode Correlation Spectroscopy H. Liu, M. d'Eurydice, S. Obruchkov, P. Galvosas
L-020 The Generalized Phillips-Twomey Method for NMR Relaxation Time Inverse Y. Gao, L. Xiao, Y. Zhang, Q. Xie

Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media II

Number Title Authors
L-021 Recent advances in NMR diffusometry for porous media research P. Galvosas
L-022 Examining porous media by correlating internal gradients and pore size distributions L. Xiao, Y. Zhang
L-023 Self-Calibrating Low-Field NMR Measurements of Pore Size. J. Paulsen, Z.-X. Luo, M. Vembusubramanian, Y.-Q. Song
L-024 Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock at 7T A. Vallatos, M.N. Shukla, V.R. Phoenix, W.M. Holmes
L-025 Can supersaturation for NaCl crystallization be maintained in a capillary? Combined microscopy and NMR of NaCl crystallization in a capillary L. Pel, P. Donkers

Hyperpolarisation and Biomedical MR I

Number Title Authors
L-026 Interpreting Hyperpolarized 13C: Even Simple Signals Are Challenging C. Malloy
L-027 Hyperpolarization by Dissolution-DNP for in vivo applications J.H. Ardenkjaer-Larsen
L-028 A new 13C-labeled biosensor for hyperpolarized magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of pH in vivo S. Düwel, C. Hundshammer, M. Gersch, B. Feuerecker, A. Haase, S. Glaser, M. Schwaiger, F. Schilling
L-029 Cellular-level Alterations in Epileptogenesis - MR Microscopy of Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures K. Göbel, J. Gerlach, R. Kamberger, J. Leupold, D. von Elverfeldt, J.G. Korvink, C. Haas, J. Hennig, P. LeVan
L-030 Effects of type 1 diabetes on the shape, dimensions and refractive index distribution in the eye lens, studied by MRI at 3T J. Pope, A. Adnan, D. Atchison

Hyperpolarisation and Biomedical MR II

Number Title Authors
L-031 Hyperpolarization using paraHydrogen J. Hövener
L-032 Optimising SABRE by pH manipulation A.M. Olaru, M.J. Burns, R.E. Mewis, T.W. Price, G.G.R. Green, S.B. Duckett
L-033 Making Hyperpolarization Versatile, Practical and General for NMR and MRI W. Warren, T. Theis, A. Logan, K. Claytor, Z. Zhou
L-034 Video-mode 3D imaging of rat lungs for critical-care medicine research D.O. Kuethe, L.E. Fredenburgh, R. San José Estépar, G.R. Washko, R.M. Baron, P.T. Filipczak, J.M. Hix
L-035 Dependence of a Load-induced Laminar Appearance in Articular Cartilage on MRI Echo Time N. Wang, Y. Xia

Young Investigator Award Session

Number Title Authors
L-036 Integrated TWMPI-MRI scanner - NMR results P. Klauer, E. Rommel, P. Vogel, M. Rückert, V.C. Behr
L-037 π Echo-Planar Imaging with Concomitant Field Compensation and Efficient k-space Sampling for Porous Media MRI D. Xiao, B. Balcom
L-038 Using MRI to investigate fluidized bed reactors H. Fabich, A. Sederman, D. Holland
L-039 Fast RARE Velocimetry in Cylindrical Couette Geometry S. Kuczera, T. Brox, P. Galvosas
L-040 Study of the Molecular Interactions of Ionic Liquid Colloidal Suspensions Using Rheometry and NMR C. Smith, M. Britton
L-041 The urea transporter - an MRI gene reporter that can be detected using transmembrane water exchange imaging F. Schilling, D.-E. Hu, S. McGuire, K. Brindle

Mobile Magnetic Resonance and Lowfield MR I

Number Title Authors
L-001 Biomedical applications with a unilateral NMR scanner U. Nevo
L-001 Emulsion stability probed by low field NMR A. Haber, N. Ling, M. Akhfash, Z. Aman, E. Fridjonsson, E.F. May, M. Johns
L-001 Low-field NMR profiling and relaxometry of articular cartilage subject to loading and enzymatic degradation E. Rössler, C. Mattea, F. Bajd, S. Stapf
L-001 In-situ detection of subsurface biofilm using low-field NMR-a field study C. Kirkland, M.P. Herrling, R. Hiebert, A.T. Bender, E. Grunewald, D.O. Walsh, S.L. Codd
L-001 Detecting a layer of oil under a meter of ice S. Altobelli, E. Fukushima, L. Chavez, H. Thomann, D. Panlandro, T. Nedwed

Magnetic Resonance in Engineering

Number Title Authors
L-042 MRI of Batteries A. Jerschow
L-043 MRI of Electroplating in Ionic Liquids J. Bray, A. Davenport, K. Ryder, M. Britton
L-044 Predicting drug release from solid pharmaceutical dosage forms using quantitative multi-nuclear (1H- 19F) magnetic resonance micro imaging M. Mantle, S. Steffensen, C. Chen, H. Nielsen, L. Gladden
L-045 Unique nature of ion induced phase transition in gels revealed using NMR E. Wilczynski, M. Mussel, U. Eliav, J. Gottesman, M. Wilk, U. Nevo
L-046 In-line characterization of fluid mixing M. McCarthy, K. McCarthy

Conference Dinner Talk

Number Title Authors
L-047 Understanding Renaissance Artwork and Cultural Heritage with Nonlinear Laser Microscopy W. Warren

Flow and Diffusion Magnetic Resonance I

Number Title Authors
L-048 Diffusion MRI methods inspired by solid-state NMR D. Topgaard
L-049 Symmetry of the gradient profile as second experimental dimension in the short-time expansion of the apparent diffusion coefficient as measured with NMR diffusometry F.B. Laun, T.A. Kuder, F. Zong, S. Hertel, P. Galvosas
L-050 Metrics of microscopic anisotropy: a comparison study A. Ianus, I. Drobnjak, N. Shemesh, D.C. Alexander
L-051 Visualization of water flow in mantle cavity of bivalve by 7T MRI Y. Seo, E. Seo, M. Murakami, K. Ohishi, T. Maruyama
L-052 Diffusion-diffusion correlation spectroscopy in macroscopic anisotropic systems F. Zong, P. Galvosas

Mobile Magnetic Resonance and Lowfield MR II

Number Title Authors
L-053 Process Engineering Applications of Mobile Magnetic Resonance Measurements M. Johns
L-054 Determination of Water & Oil Contents of Oil Sludge by Online Two-dimensional NMR F. Deng, L. Xiao, W. Chen
L-055 Mobile NMR for the plant sciences: Engineering for sensor-like, outdoor use C. Windt, M. Meixner, J. Kochs
L-056 Highly space-efficient active shim designs for small, high-resolution permanent magnets A. McDowell
L-057 NMR logging Inversion Methods and Influence Factor Analysis in Shale Reservoirs Y. Gao, L. Xiao, B. Wu

Flow and Diffusion II / Exotic and Emerging Magnetic Resonance II

Number Title Authors
L-058 MRI Visualization of Non-uniformities in a Flowing Slurry Y.-Q. Song, S. Oh, B. Lecampion, J. Desroches, D.I. Garagash, A. Robisson
L-059 Effects of pore size and shape distributions on diffusion pore imaging by NMR T.A. Kuder, F.B. Laun
L-060 NMR Diffusion Signal for Molecules Subject to Potentials C. Yolcu, M. Memic, K. Simsek, E. Ozarslan
L-061 MRI measurements of colloid transport and adsorption in porous medium P. Faure, A.P. Lehoux, D. Courtier-Murias, S. Rodts, E. Michel, P. Coussot
L-062 Nuclear magnetic signal generation with variable field amplitudes P. Vogel, T. Kampf, M. Rückert, A. Vilter, P. Jakob, V.C. Behr
L-063 Rotating Drift Spectroscopy: Generating Signal Echo Trains in Magnetic Nanoparticle Ensembles M. Rückert, A. Vilter, P. Vogel, T. Kampf, V.C. Behr
L-064 Concurrent Optical and MR Microscopy M. Wapler, F. Testud, N. Spengler, M. Zaitsev, U. Wallrabe


Number Title Authors
P-001 Ischemic stroke high-contrast visualization using various MRI techniques M. Muravyeva, M. Katkova, I. Mukhina
P-002 Load-induced Adaptation of the Site-specific Zonal Properties of Tibial Articular Cartilage by Microscopic MRI (µMRI) Y. Xia, J. Lee, F. Badar, D. Kahn
P-003 Human eye dimensions and retinal shape in myopia: effects of refractive error and ethnicity studied with 3D high resolution MRI at 3T J. Pope, P. Verkicharla, F. Sepehrband, D. Atchison
P-004 Examination of menisci in high and low magnetic fields J. Flohr, J. Viess, D. Weidener, M. Kueppers, H. Jahr, B. Rath, M. Tingart, S. Nebelung, B. Blümich
P-005 MRI Treatment Assessment for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Mouse Ankle Model G. Topping, F. Gassert, R. Meier
P-006 Mapping Pressure Gradient Variation Using MRI and Microbubbles E. Abdurakman, M. Bencsik, D. Fairhurst, G. Cave, R. Bowtell
P-007 Multiparametric MRI characterization of magnetic viral complexes A. Joos, O. Mykhaylyk, B. Gleich, A. Haase
P-008 The influence of medium flow on gel formation and drug release in xanthan matrix tablets U. Mikac, A. Sepe, J. Kristl, S. Baumgartner
P-009 Multiparametric MR microscopy of articular cartilage under compression F. Bajd, C. Mattea, S. Stapf, E. Rössler, I. Sersa
P-010 Single sided NMR profiling of human articular cartilage: A comparative evaluation with histopathology and high-field NMR profiles X. Cai, J. Viess, S. Benders, M. Kueppers, S. Nebelung, B. Blümich
P-011 Optimising multiple pulse arterial spin labelling for rodent brain imaging A. Vallatos, L. Gallagher, J. Mullin, L. Gilmour, A.J. Chalmers, W.M. Holmes
P-012 Demonstration of In vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Adult Zebrafish G. Merrifield, C. Tucker, L. Gallagher, J. Mullin, M. Jansen, M. Denvir, W.M. Holmes
P-013 Sample-specific current spread by means of NMR Imaging of the human cochlea R. Weiss, S. Bai, P. Reiser, N. Kabbaj, A.T. Van, W. Hemmert
P-014 Diffusion tensor imaging of a chemically fixed CS23 human embryo at 9.4 T K. Kose, A. Nagata, Y. Otake, S. Yamada
P-015 Catalysis-Assisted Signal Enhancement in NMR Imaging K. Kovtunov, V. Zhivonitko, I. Koptyug
P-017 Visualising electrochemistry using Magnetic Resonance Imaging J. Bray, A. Davenport, M. Britton
P-018 Monitoring brain disorders in glucocorticoid receptor-deficient zebrafish using ultrahigh field MRI U. Roy, M. Schaaf, J. Matysik, A. Alia
P-019 NMR Microscopy of Formalin Fixed Tissue in Organic Solvents S. Macura, P.K. Mishra, J.D. Gamez, I. Pirko
P-020 Development of a fast 3D MRI simulator using general-purpose graphic processor units K. Kose, R. Kose, T. Haishi
P-021 Ultra-High Sensitivity in High-Resolution Relaxometry by Using a Cryo-probe and a Fast Mechanical Sample Shuttle Device C.-Y. Chou, M. Chu, C.-F. Chang, T.-h. Huang, A. Guiga, F. Ferrage, D. Sakellariou
P-022 The emerging use of MRI to study River Bed dynamics . H. Haynes, S. Lakshmanan, E. Vignaga, A. Ockelford, W.M. Holmes
P-023 Molecular Sensing with Hyperpolarized 129Xe using Switchable Chemical Exchange Relaxation Transfer. F. Zamberlan, C. Lesbats, N. Rogers, J. Krupa, G. Pavlovskaya, N. Thomas, H. Faas, T. Meersmann
P-024 Harnessing MRI for imaging seeds of crops and model plants L. Borisjuk, G. Melkus, H. Rolletschek, T. Neuberger
P-025 Insights into fouling behavior of hollow fiber membrane modules J. Viess, S. Benders, M. Kueppers, B. Blümich
P-026 Flow-MRI of microfluidic reactors S. Benders, M. Wiese, S. Lehmkuhl, E. Paciok, M. Wessling, B. Blümich
P-027 2D correlation of isotropic and anisotropic diffusion J. Martins, D. Topgaard
P-028 Model-based estimation of microstructure parameters from diffusion MRI in the presence of microscopic anisotropy and size dispersion A. Ianus, I. Drobnjak, D.C. Alexander
P-029 MRI measurements of sprays A. Arbabi, K.M. Bade, I. Mastikhin
P-030 Diffusion Restricted Contrast of Myocardium A. Heger, A. Haase, A.T. Van
P-031 Transport in phloem tissue A. Prusova, F.J. Vergeldt, A.N. Bader, E. Gerkema, H. Van As
P-032 Diffusion sensitivity of high-resolution 3D TSE in a clinical 3 T system: implications for peripheral nerve imaging D. Weidlich, B. Cervantes, H. Kooijman, E.J. Rummeny, A. Haase, D.C. Karampinos
P-033 Outdoor flow measurement of a living tree using a 0.2 T permanent magnet Y. Terada, A. Nagata, K. Kose
P-034 Utilizing Principal Modes of d-PFG Measurements to Detect Local non-Gaussian Diffusion J. Paulsen, E. Ozarslan, M.E. Komlosh, P.J. Basser, Y.-Q. Song
P-035 A Fast Pre-Polarization Method for NMR in Moving State X. Li, L. Xiao, Z. Wang, S. Li
P-036 A novel pulse sequence for shale characterization by low-field NMR Q. Du, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, M. Zhu, C. Yang, G. Yang
P-037 Multi-frequency Pulse Theory and Applications (Transient Bloch-Siegert Shift Revisited) B. Wu, S. Altobelli, L. Chavez, E. Fukushima
P-038 Demonstration of the temperature dependence of T2eff of water performed using two different commercial nuclear magnetic resonance system F. Hill-Casey, T. Hughes-Riley, J.B.W. Webber, M.I. Newton, R.H. Morris
P-039 Qualitative Evaluation for Downhole NMR Device S. Luo, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, W. Chen, Z. Sun, J. Wang
P-040 Saturation Profile from Multi-frequency NMR Measurements J. Wang, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, S. Luo, Z. Sun, L. Guo, W. Chen
P-041 Single Scan T1-T2 Measurement with DECPMG W. Chen, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, Q. Du, J. Wang
P-042 Exploration of RF antenna design and optimization for downhole NMR probe Z. Sun, X. Lizhi, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, S. Luo, W. Chen, Z. Jia, J. Wang
P-043 Asphaltene Contents Prediction in Crude Oil by Low-Field NMR W. Chen, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang, S. Luo, Z. Sun
P-044 Aromaticity-specific interaction of fluid molecules with asphaltene aggregates dissolved in crude oil by means of DNP and NMR relaxometry S. Stapf, A. Ordikhani-Seyedlar, O. Neudert, C. Mattea, R. Kausik, D.E. Freed, Y.-Q. Song, M. Hürlimann
P-045 Application of NMR Logs in the Classification of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs M. Liu, R. Xie, C. Li, X. Meng, J. Guo, Y. Ding
P-046 Low-Field and Online NMR for Detection of Fluid Molecular Structure F. Deng, L. Xiao
P-047 NMR data compression by Principle Component Analysis method Y. Ding, R. Xie, Y. Zou, J. Guo, M. Liu
P-048 One-dimensional scanning of water transport in hardened cement paste by SPI J. Sester, Z. Djuric, E.H. Hardy, M. Haist, H.S. Müller
P-049 Online Two-Dimensional NMR Flowing Fluid measurements F. Deng, L. Xiao
P-050 A modified design of pulse sequence and inversion method for D-T2 2D NMR in Rock Physics F. Wu, Y.r. Fan, P.q. Yang, Y. Gao, Y.l. Zhang
P-051 Measuring Soil Moisture with a Slim-line Logging NMR Tool in Field B. Guo, E. Paciok, J. Perlo, B. Blümich
P-052 A method for identifying edible oils based on sample fingerprinting library of low-field NMR signal X. Zhou, T. Hu, K. Chen, R. Lu, Z. Ni
P-053 The application of low field NMR technology in hydrate formation and dissociation J. Luo, Q. Cai, Y.l. Zhang, P.q. Yang
P-054 Determining relative permeability using simulated and experimental spatially resolved relaxometry - T1-z NMR I. Shikhov, M. Nogueira d' Eurydice, C. Arns
P-055 A Single Channel Variable Density Spiral Coil for High Sensitivity MRI at 6.5 mT P. Stanwix, M. Sarracanie, M. Rosen
P-056 Further investigation of constructed wetland clog state using spin-lattice relaxation measurements T. Hughes-Riley, J.B.W. Webber, F. Hill-Casey, M.I. Newton, R.H. Morris
P-057 Investigating Effects of Retardants in portland cement using Time resolved NMR M. Nogueira d' Eurydice, M. Bligh, C. Arns, D. Waite
P-058 A Novel Passive Shimming Method of for Unilateral NMR W. He, Z. He, Z. Xu
P-059 Unilateral NMR Sensor to Monitor Dairy Products H. Wang, P.q. Yang, Y.-Q. Song
P-060 Local D-T2 correlation maps of porous media acquired by surface coil Y. Zhang, L. Xiao
P-061 Sensitization of the stray-field NMR to vibrations I. Mastikhin, M. Barnhill
P-062 A Mobile NMR System with a Compact and Efficient Class-D RF Amplifier J. Zhen, R. Dykstra, G. Gouws, S. Obruchkov
P-063 Unilateral NMR method for assessing the aging status of silicone rubber insulator K. Meng, P. Guo, J. Wu, L. Zhang, W. He, Z. Xu
P-064 Freeze/Thaw of black spruce wood as studied by unilateral magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging C. Lamason, B. MacMillan, B. Balcom, B. Leblon, Z. Pirouz
P-065 Water states in black spruce and aspen during drying studied by time-domain magnetic resonance devices C. Lamason, B. MacMillan, B. Balcom, B. Leblon, Z. Pirouz
P-066 Experimental Investigation of Defects Inspection for FRP Pipeline based on Single-Side NMR Y. Yong, L. Guangzhi, W. Guanjun
P-067 Unilateral magnetic resonance spot estimates of bulk moisture conte C. Lamason, B. MacMillan, B. Balcom, B. Leblon, Z. Pirouz
P-068 Portable Multi-Coil NMR Relaxometer S. Huber, B. Gleich, A. Haase
P-069 A Detail Design of Active Broadband Duplexer for Low-field NMR G. Yang, L. Xiao, G. Liao, M. Zhu, Y. Zhang, X. Li, S. Feng, W. Liu
P-070 Design of low-field NMR real time mud log device M. Zhu, L. Xiao, S. Feng, G. Yang, W. Liu, Q. Du, X. Li
P-071 Design of an Eccentric Multi-Frequency NMR Downhole Device W. Liu, L. Xiao, G. Liao, M. Zhu, Y. Zhang, S. Luo, G. Yang
P-072 An Acquisition System Design of NMR Analyzer W. Liu, L. Xiao, G. Liao, M. Zhu, Y. Zhang, S. Luo, S. Feng
P-073 A New Design of NMR Signal Receiver Based On ALE Method F. Shuo, X. Lizhi, X. Qingming, L. Xin, Z. Mingda
P-074 A new down-hole NMR logging tool G. Song, G. Liao, L. Xiao, J. Zhang, W. Fan
P-075 A fast analytical calculation method for eddy current induced by gradient fields J. Wu, P. Guo, L. Zhang, W. He, K. Meng, Z. Xu
P-076 Merging Brain Slice Culturing And Magnetic Resonance Microscopy R. Kamberger, K. Goebel, J. Gerlach, O.G. Gruschke, P. LeVan, J. Leupold, D. von Elverfeldt, J. Hennig, C. Haas, J.G. Korvink
P-077 Coupling strategies for ultra-high field dielectric resonators T. Neuberger, R. Liu, W. Luo, M. Lanagan
P-078 Characterization of oil droplet size distributions in spray-dried emulsions by PFG-NMR S. Neumann, H.P. Schuchmann, G. Guthausen
P-079 Probing the composition and molecular mobility in thin spherical films using NMR diffusion measurements A. Vallatos, R. Kirsch, M. Britton
P-080 Influence of curvature and surface roughness on shear flow of complex fluids studied with emerging Rheo-NMR hardware T. Brox, P. de Vrieze, J. Brown, P. Galvosas
P-081 New insights into membrane fouling by sodium alginate F. Arndt, U. Roth, G. Guthausen, S. Schütz, H. Nirschl
P-082 Application of the EMRT: a case study J. Zhang, G. Liao, L. Xiao, G. Song, W. Fan
P-083 Susceptibility artefacts of thin film platinum electrodes E. Fuhrer, O.G. Gruschke, J. Leupold, J. Erhardt, K. Goebel, M. Wapler, T. Stieglitz, U. Wallrabe, J. Hennig, J.G. Korvink
P-084 Survey of MR Microscopy Applications in Consumer Products Research N. Westrick, Y. Boissy
P-085 Towards the characterization of batteries by in operando NMR - monitoring electrolyte - electrode interactions by PFG NMR techniques S. Merz, H. Tempel, M.F. Graf, P. Jakes, H. Kungl, R.-A. Eichel, J. Granwehr
P-086 Towards 2D NMR Spectroscopy on Aqueous Samples at 2 Gigapascals G. Ochoa, C. Pilgrim, C. Colla, P. Klavins, J. Walton, W. Casey
P-087 Towards Online Analysis of Sub-sea Process Streams Using Low-Field NMR E. Fridjonsson, P. Stanwix, M. Johns
P-088 Stimulated-Echo Single-Point Imaging (STE-SPI) B. Newling, J. Adams
P-089 Characterising Oil and Water in Porous Media using Decay due to Diffusion in the Internal Field J. Seland, R. Lewis, K. Djurhuus
P-090 LBM binary mixtures for simulating NMR measurements L. Guo, L. Xiao, G. Liao
P-091 Polymer Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery Evaluated with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Relaxation Time Measurements M. Li, L. Romero-Zerón, F. Marica, B. Balcom
P-092 Monitoring Oil Displacement Processes with k-t Accelerated Spin Echo SPI M. Li, D. Xiao, L. Romero-Zerón, B. Balcom
P-093 Assessing the Behavior of Nanoparticles in Biotechnological and Environmental Systems with MRI M.P. Herrling, L. Cuny, F. Ranzinger, S. Lackner, H. Horn, G. Guthausen
P-094 Numerical Simulation of NMR Response in 3D Digital Cores Reconstructed by MCMC Method J. Guo, R. Xie, Y. Zou, Y. Ding, M. Liu
P-095 NMR Characterization of Organic Content in Shales Z. Jia, L. Xiao, G. Liao, Y. Zhang
P-096 Shale Characterization with Low Field NMR Magic Echo Z. Jia, G. Liao, L. Xiao, Y. Zhang
P-097 Characterizing Macroscopic Mass Transport in Porous Media by Zero Echo Time MRI L. Huang, W. Dreher
P-098 NMR for Shale: From Core Measurements to Logging Q. Xie, D. Li, L. Xiao, L. Cheng, Z. Huang, F. Wang, M. Tian, Z. Jia, F. Deng
P-099 A Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Methods for Spatially Resolved T2 Distribution Measurements in Porous Media S. Vashaee, F. Marica, B. Newling, B. Balcom
P-100 Quantificational Multi-dimensional NMR with T1, T2, D or Gint G. Liao, L. Xiao, Q. Du, H. Liu, X. Wang
P-101 MRI of Fines Migration in Berea Sandstone A. Afrough, L. Romero-Zerón, B. Balcom
P-102 Intracellular lifetime in genetically modified yeast cells by FEXSY and PGSE - accounting for different intra/extracellular T2 S. Eriksson, O. Söderman, K. Lindkvist-Petersson, D. Topgaard, S. Lasic
P-103 Improved SE-SPI for T2 Mapping in Porous Media F. Marica, F. Goora, B. Balcom
P-104 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Idealised Wetland samples produced using Additive Manufacturing R.H. Morris, N. Nestle
P-105 Solid state 31P and 1H micro-imaging in 2D and 3D with magic angle spinning on biological sample and biomaterials M. Yon, V. Sarou-Kanian, D. Massiot, U. Scheler, F. Fayon
P-106 Seeing the unseen in plants with UTE-imaging E. Munz, P. Winter, L. Borisjuk, P. Jakob
P-107 3D distribution of (un)saturated fatty acid components in seeds E. Munz, L. Borisjuk, P. Jakob, T. Neuberger
P-108 Contrast agent aided localisation of transport tissue in canola S. Hammer, E. Munz, L. Borisjuk, P. Jakob
P-109 DLA-based compressed sensing for high resolution MR of neuronal tissue K.-V. Nguyen, J.-R. LI, L. Ciobanu
P-110 Comparative study of µ-MRI and X-ray µ-CT on an oilseed grain M.V. Meissner, N. Nestle, N. Spengler, D. Mager, M. Worgull, J.G. Korvink
P-111 Dependence of two-phase 19F NMR oxygenation measurements on dispersed-phase droplet size distribution J. W Simkins, J. D Seymour, P. S Stewart
P-112 NMR microimaging of growth process of rhizome axillary bud Y. Terada, A. Yoshida, K. Kose, J. Kyozuka
P-113 MR microscopy of samples with translational symmetry I. Sersa
P-114 Instrumentation in micro Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Tissue Biopsies X. Li, G. Liu
P-115 FID-SPI Technique for Quantitative MRI F. Marica, F. Goora, B. Balcom