Past Executive Committees

The below links lead to members newly elected or continuing terms on the Executive Committee at the given conferences.

17th ICMRM at Singapore in 2023
16th ICMRM as Online Conference in 2021
15th ICMRM at Paris in 2019
14th ICMRM at Halifax in 2017
13th ICMRM at München in 2015
12th ICMRM at Cambridge in 2013
11th ICMRM at Beijing in 2011
10th ICMRM at West Yellowstone in 2009
9th ICMRM at Aachen in 2007
8th ICMRM at Utsunomiya in 2005
7th ICMRM at Snowbird in 2003
6th ICMRM at Nottingham in 2001
5th ICMRM at Heidelberg in 1999
4th ICMRM at Albuquerque in 1997
3rd ICMRM at Würzburg in 1995
Conference and year at which the elections took place.

With the Division of SRMR established in 1995 at Würzburg there have been no Executive Committees during the first two meetings in 1991 and 1993 at Heidelberg.