Erwin Hahn Lecturer Awardees

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2023 (Singapore)

Henk van As
Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Henk Van As received his Ph.D. from Wageningen University in 1982 and continued as a PD in the same group. Since 1986 he is an Associate Professor (Biophysics) at Wageningen University. He retired in 2019. His research focused on unravelling and understanding transport processes and (water) dynamics at different time and length scales in porous bio-systems to unravel structure-function relationships. For this, Time Domain NMR and quantitative MRI (correlated relaxometry, diffusometry and flow and the effect of exchange), and (rheo-)MRI methods and hardware were developed.

Erwin Hahn Lecturer 2023 Henk van As
Awardee Henk van As

2019 (Paris)

Erwin Hahn Lecturer 2019 Bernhard Blümich
Awardee Bernhard Blümich

Bernhard Blümich
RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Bernhard Blümich received his Ph.D. from Technical University Berlin and he is Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at RWTH Aachen, Germany since 1993.
His contributions to MR include:
– Multi-dimensional stochastic NMR spectroscopy
– NMR imaging in material science and chemical engineering
– Mobile NMR for process and quality control
– The NMRMOUSE®: MObile Universal Surface Explorer

2017 (Halifax)

Eiichi Fukushima
ABQMR, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Eiichi Fukushima received his Ph.D. from University of Washington in 1967 and worked at Los Alamos and Lovelace Medical Foundation before co-founding New Mexico Resonance and then ABQMR.
His contributions to MR include:
– Using NMR to measure non-Newtonian and granular matter flows
– Earth’s field NMR
– Microcoil NMR
– Portable, single-sided NMR detectors

Erwin Hahn Lecturer 2015 Eiichi Fukushima
Awardee Eiichi Fukushima

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