International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

Materials, Molecular Processes and Engineering

Executive committee:


M. Britton (GB) (2017-2021); Term 1

Vice Chair:

P. Basser (USA) (2019-2023); Term 1


A. Sederman (GB) (2017-2021); Term 1

Secretary General:

V. Behr (D) (2019-2023); Term 1

Vice Secretary General:

S. Codd (USA) (2019-2023); Term 1

Past-Conference Chair:

L. Ciobanu (F) and D. Sakellariou (B))

Conference Chair:

D. Topgard (S), D. Bernin (S)

Past Chair:

M. Johns (AUS)


E. Fukushima (USA), L. Xiao (CHN), B. Blümich (D),
I. Koptyug (RUS), H. Van As (NL)


Division committee :

2015 - 2021 2017 - 2023 2019 - 2025
Dean Kuethe (USA) Joe Seymour (USA) Huabing Liu (CHN)
Igor Mastikhin (CDN) Ben Newling (CDN) Zheng Xu (CHN)
Matthias Appel (USA) Meghan Halse (GB) Gillian Goward (CDN)
Carel Windt (D) Gisela Guthausen (D) Camilla Terenzi (NL)
Warren Warren (USA) Robin Dykstra (NZ) Bruce Balcom (CDN)
Jeffrey Reimer (USA) Miki Komlosh (USA) Stephen Bea (CDN)
Lawrence Wald (USA) Louis Bouchard (USA) Hsaoying Huang (SGP)
Alexej Jershow (USA) Bernard Siow (GB) Ray Tang (USA)
Kazuyuki Takeda (J) Katsumi Kose (J) Thomas Oerther (D)
Galina Pavlovskaya (GB) Andreas Pohlmeier (D)  
Uri Nevo (IL)    


Division Bylaws PDF Icon


By-Laws of the Division of Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance



This association is constituted as a Division of the Groupement Ampère. The Groupement Ampère is corporately organized in Switzerland and is domiciled in Zürich.


The purpose of the Division is to advance the subject of Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance. This is done:
a) By means of International Conferences organized biennially anywhere in the world.
b) By means of Symposia, Summer Schools and Workshops organized anywhere in the world.
c) By such other means as the Division shall decide.


Members of the Division shall be members of the Groupement Ampère and any members of the Groupement Ampère may join the Division. Members of the Division shall pay such annual subscription as the Division Committee shall decide. This subscription is to be paid with the annual subscription to the Groupement Ampère.


The organs of the Division are:

a) The General Meeting
b) The Division Committee
c) The Executive Committee (Division Office)
d) The Secretariat


General Meeting

1)    The General Meeting has final authority in the Division.
2)    The General Meeting will take place biennially at the International Conferences of the Division.


Division Committee

The Division Committee shall consist of 20 to 30 persons elected by the general meeting having due regard to geographical distribution and subject distribution. They shall serve for two years and be reelectable to serve for a maximum of six consecutive years.

The Division Committee is responsible for carrying out the business of the Division including organizing meetings of the Division. They shall receive reports from the Executive Committee on its business.


Executive Committee (Division Office)

The Executive Committee shall be elected by the Division Committee and shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Treasurer, and the organizers of the last and the next Division International Conferences. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected for four years and shall not be eligible for reelection. The Secretary General, Vice Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected for four years and shall be eligible for reelection for one further period of four years.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once per year.



The secretariat consists of the Chairman and the Secretary General. It is responsible for management, administration, and finances of the Division.

The Division Committee shall elect a representative to the Committee of the Groupement Ampère. This representative will normally be the Chairman or the Secretary General of the Division. This representative will give reports to the Ampère Committee of the main activities of the Division.



The Division will be financed by annual subscriptions of its members, by grants and donations, and by carry-over funds from meetings of the Division.


Modifications of by-laws and dissolution

  1. The by-laws of the Division may be amended at the General Meetings and require a majority of two thirds of the members attending and voting. Proposals for amendment must be communicated to the Secretary General at least three months before the next General Meeting.
  2. The Division may be dissolved on a proposition by the Division Committee made to the General Meeting and approved by two thirds of the members attending and voting.
  3. In the case of dissolution of the Division, the remaining property of the Division shall be transferred to the Groupement Ampère.


Approved by the Division Committee on Sep. 30th 1995 in Würzburg